@lantic Data specialises in harnessing the power of the internet to help streamline business processes. We provide a range of technology-based services through our team of skilled programmers & project managers; specialising in areas of systems software implementation and application design management. Our principle activities involve streamlining back office services using secure online internet technology.

DisclosuresManager is the simple way for organisations to connect to e-Bulk.

DisclosuresManager is the first official commercially available product, to enable organisations to connect to the DBS eBulk channel. Girlguiding UK, a long standing user of DisclosuresManager, will be the first organisation to designate their application sys ...
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We provide a one-stop bureau service solution for SMEs and large organisations.

To help demonstrate our in-house expertise @lantic Data has designed and taken to market, its own applicant background checking services. The services are all delivered online on secure sites and are so successful @lantic Data is now a market leader in t ...
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DBS confirms Atlantic Data's status as 3rd party internet broker for eBulk applications
26 May 2011 - Atlantic Data today received confirmation from the DBS that they were fully accredited to provide DBS Registered Bodies with a hosted e-Bulk solution for processing DBS applications electronically.

The announcement comes ...
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